How to embed in Flash/Very large documents

Publishing Flash documents by embedding them in Flash movies
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How to embed in Flash/Very large documents

Post by nrschmid » Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:35 am

I used to use the following code for Flashpaper swf's in my Fla file.

function loadFlashPaper(
path_s, // path of SWF to load
dest_mc, // MC which we should replace with the SWF
width_i, // new size of the dest MC
height_i, // new size of the dest MC
loaded_o) // optional: object to be notified that loading is complete
var intervalID = 0;
var loadFunc = function()
dest_mc._visible = false;
var fp = dest_mc.getIFlashPaper();
if (!fp)
if (fp.setSize(width_i, height_i) == false)
dest_mc._visible = true;
intervalID = setInterval(loadFunc, 100);
function onLoaded(fp)
// loading is complete, so we can now adjust the current page, zoom, etc.
// go to page 50.
// change magnification to 59%
loadFlashPaper("SEParks.swf", Movie9b1, 660, 370, this);

What can I use for Print2Flash?

On a separate note, I have a very large graphic (30"x42"). I am running the free version of Print2Flash. Does Print2Flash work with these large files? Flashpaper used to work great, but I have Vista on this PC, and Flashpaper and Vista are incompatible.


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