P2F document not visible in AS3

Publishing Flash documents by embedding them in Flash movies
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P2F document not visible in AS3

Post by nLearn.se » Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:09 am


Using the following code (as provided in the help files) I only see the preloader really quickly and then nothing. I then tweaked the code in Print2FlashDoc.as to make a loadComplete handler which reported height and width of the loaded object as both being 0 which would explain the invisible content but can't be right.

Here's the code used to initiate the P2F generated swf:

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import Print2Flash.*;

var P2FDoc:Print2FlashDoc=new Print2FlashDoc("SSK380.swf",10,50,500,350,this);
I'm using a registered P2F 2.7.3 Pro 64-bit on Vista 64-bit.

The same swf works fine using the AS2 code provided but the AS3 version is a complete no-starter. I have seen others with this problem as well. I look forward to a reply with more substance than "look in the help files" :)

Thanks in advance

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Re: P2F document not visible in AS3

Post by staff » Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:51 pm

First check the ActionScript sample available in the Print2Flash SDK (SDK can be downloaded from http://print2flash.com/download.php; the AS3 sample is located in the DocumentAPI\Samples\FlashCS3 folder of SDK archive).

If the sample works fine but you cannot make it work with your own documents obtained with Print2Flash, make sure that "Disable Print2Flash Document API support" option is not set in the Document Options window when you convert your documents. This option needs to be cleared in order to load Print2Flash documents in AS3.

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