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Problems with paging and IE

Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 9:41 am
by spyderman4g63
We use the JS api functions to attach the tool handlers after the .swf is loaded. The NextPage() function appears to have a problem in Internet Explorer (tested in 7 and 8) but works in Chrome and Firefox.

When we initially load an .swf in IE it starts near page 2 or 3 for some reason. We then use the setCurrentPage() function to set the page to page 1 if the page is not 1. This sets the current to the first page. It seems that for larger documents (average of around 4mb) that the NextPage() function has problems. When a large document is loaded in IE and I click the next button it jumps to page 11 and then continues to jump large number of pages (possible every 10).

Like I said this only seems to happen in IE with larger documents. Is this a known issue or is there something else I should be checking for before enabling the handler. It almost seems as if the .swf isn't fully loaded when paging. I believe are using onPageLoaded() to check if the document is ready.

Re: Problems with paging and IE

Posted: Thu May 12, 2011 9:38 am
by spyderman4g63
This issue occurs with the default NextPage() function. For some reason it is not functioning like I would expect in IE only. Our solution was to write a new function that would get the current page, add 1, and set that number as the next value. This has resolve the issue, however I believe there is still a problem that P2F support should look into. Does support monitor the boards?