I converted a document to HTML5. Where is the HTML file?

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I converted a document to HTML5. Where is the HTML file?

Post by staff » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:33 am

HTML5 documents generated by Print2Flash are composed of an XML file and a related folder. For example, an HTML document you may obtain after conversion may be composed of:
  • mydoc.xml file;
  • mydoc_files folder.
This file and folder represent the HTML document. In order to view it, you need to use a document viewer. The viewer can be created either:
  • Manually by converting any document manually with Print2Flash, clicking Save HTML button and choosing HTML document with preview page option in the Save As Type field. The created file is named docviewer.html and resides in the *_files folder created by the Save HTML button;
  • Programmatically by setting GenerateExternalViewer property of BatchProcessingOptions object to true or with GenerateExternalViewer parameter of Enhanced Batch Processing. The viewer file will be created in the output folder.
To view an HTML5 document, you need to load the viewer passing it an XML file name as a parameter:

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Please see these help topics for more information: