Command Line failed in ASP

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Command Line failed in ASP

Post by ryanlcs » Mon Apr 21, 2008 5:37 am


I am running the command line from ASP script, but hit one error.This is the code.

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Set WShell = Createobject("WScript.Shell")
WShell.Run ("""C:\Program Files\Print2Flash\p2fServer.exe"" E:\html\General.pdf E:\html\General.swf /createlogfile:on /logfilename:E:\html\test.txt")
Set WShell = Nothing
The Error Log file:

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2008-04-21 6:24:35 PM	Batch job started
2008-04-21 6:24:35 PM	Converting file E:\html\General.pdf
2008-04-21 6:24:35 PM	The file (E:\html\General.pdf) could not be converted. Exception : Error accessing registry data: OpenKey failed
2008-04-21 6:24:35 PM	Trying to kill the printing application (2060)
2008-04-21 6:24:35 PM	Waiting.... 
2008-04-21 6:24:35 PM	done.
2008-04-21 6:24:35 PM	Batch job completed. 0 files converted, 1 errors
Hope anyone can help.


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