not have jsp or java sdk

Using OLE Automation API
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not have jsp or java sdk

Post by lotuo » Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:51 am

why not have jsp or java sdk?
i want use print 2flash on the web

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Re: not have jsp or java sdk

Post by staff » Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:26 pm

We'll probably include full Java sample in the next version of Print2Flash SDK.

Currently you may take a look at the Java sample attached to this post. This sample uses JCom library ( for Print2Flash OLE Automation API access.

Please find attached the sample application files. To compile and run it, you need:

1. Install Print2Flash using its setup program unless you already did this
2. Download and install JCom library as described in their documentation:

Extract "". And copy jcom.jar and jcom.dll to the following directories
jcom.dll -> (java.home)/bin/
jcom.jar -> (java.home)/lib/ext/
make sure the JAVA_HOME evironmental variable has been set, ie.
(java.home) == java.lang.System.getProperty("java.home");

3. Launch the application supplying the name of the document file you want to convert to Flash as a parameter like this::

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java TestPrint2Flash C:\docs\sample.doc

We think you can convert this sample to JSP easily. However, if you intend to run it on a web server, you may need to run it under a different user account. You may achieve this if you use Server2 object instead of the Server object. i.e. you need to replace this line in the sample program:

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IDispatch p2f = new IDispatch(rm, "P2F.Server");

with this one:

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IDispatch p2f = new IDispatch(rm, "P2F.Server2");

Also, you need to configure Print2Flash Service as described here: ... ccount.php
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