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Win 2008 server 64 bit conversion doc, ppt, xls & pdf issue

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:27 pm
by sarveshwer

We have recently bought Print2Flash Server 64 bit (Print2Flash Commercial 64 bit Edition 2.7.3).

we are using Print2Flash API in ASP.NET application for converting documents (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .rtf and .pdf).

we have managed to convert office 2007 documents (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx), .txt and .rtf formats.

with the same code, when we are trying to convert office 2003 documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt) and .pdf files
we are having an exception as below:
"Code: 1155. No application is associated with the specified file for this operation"

following is the code:
String actualFilePath = "abc.doc"; //generating dynamically
String swfFilePath = "abc.doc.swf" //generating dnamically
int interfaceOptions = 0;
P2F.Server2 p2fServer = new P2F.Server2();
p2fServer.DefaultProfile.InterfaceOptions = interfaceOptions;
p2fServer.ConvertFile(actualFilePath, swfFilePath, null, null, null);

Installed softwares:
1. Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1
2. MS office small business edition 2007

any help is appreciated.


Re: Win 2008 server 64 bit conversion doc, ppt, xls & pdf issue

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:39 pm
by alonstar
I have the same issue. I use win7 64bit.

Print2Flash3.Server2 p2fServer = new Print2Flash3.Server2();
p2fServer.DefaultProfile.InterfaceOptions = (int)Print2Flash3.INTERFACE_OPTION.INTLOGO;
p2fServer.DefaultProfile.ProtectionOptions = (int)Print2Flash3.PROTECTION_OPTION.PROTENAPI;