"Not enough storage is avaiable" error while converting ppt

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"Not enough storage is avaiable" error while converting ppt

Post by bharatkm » Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:37 am

I have working php code for converting jpeg pdf and ppt files to .swf files. I am in need to change my system so when i did changed code is working for pdf and images.
but its giving error for ppt conversion as "Not enough storage is avaiable to complete this operation" .
here Iam using MS Office 2016.
I have already configured print2flash on my administrator account so no problem on permissions or anything and its working in server mode.
Also i have already taken care of protected mode in adobe acrobat reader and ms Powerpoint but still no luck!

I tried to convert the ppt files manually by right clicking on them and then clicking on print to flash . and its showing the converted file. However one thing that i noticed is different is its showing [Compatibility mode] after the file name. say if the file name is "abc.ppt" it shows on the top of print2flash window as
abc.ppt[Compatible mode]-Print2flash[Server mode].

previously before i changed my system it used to show following when i used to try manual conversion.
abc.ppt-print2flash[Server mode]

so this "compatible mode" thing bugs me? is this has anything to do with the error I am facing?

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Re: "Not enough storage is avaiable" error while converting

Post by staff » Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:24 am

Try to turn on or off special processing method for MS PowerPoint and see if it affects your problem. To turn it on, you should insert this line into your code:

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To turn it off, use this line instead:

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