How Print2Flash Compares with FlashPaper?

The table below compares Flash document features of Print2Flash and FlashPaper.


FlashPaper Print2Flash
Conversion of documents via printing
Drag and drop document conversion
Right-click document creation
Manipulations with converted documents (resizing, search, etc.)
Accessibility for users with disabilities
Word and PowerPoint hyperlink support
PDF hyperlink support  
Converted document interface customization  
Option to remove any buttons from converted document interface  
Option to remove logo from converted documents  
Option to protect from copying text from converted documents  
Option to disable printing of converted documents  
Flash Player and browser version optimization  
Programmatic access to documents  
Generation of Flash documents using ActionScript 3  
Generation of HTML and SVG documents  
Mobile devices support  
Automating tasks with OLE Automation API  
Batch processing application  
Enhanced batch processing  
Additional output formats  
Windows Vista, Windows 2008/2012 Server and Windows 7/8 support  
Adobe Flex support  
Support for 32 and 64 bit editions of Windows  
Page thumbnail images  
Document metafile  
Retrieving document text  
Restricting access to documents  
Printing jobs  
Multiple language support in document interface  
Server multiple user license