Show an .swf Embedded through [Embed(source="sample.swf")]

Publishing Print2Flash Documents embedding them in Flash movies
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Show an .swf Embedded through [Embed(source="sample.swf")]

Post by Gurstikus » Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:34 am

Hello, i tried the sample files from the download all are working. (but not solving my problem)
What i want to achieve, is to realy embed the created .swf file with Print2Flash and then Display it by need on the Stage.
The reason doing this ist that i require only 1 output file actually the Projector.exe
Inside the projector should be:
1. my animation
2. the created .swf by Print2Flash

All the samples i've seen show the way how load a created .swf inside an existing movie. (works fine)
Is their a way to do it without loading the .swf from filesystem but rather to load them from the embedded objects in the current movie?

Thanks for any Informations

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