Recover lost Protection URLs

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Recover lost Protection URLs

Post by pepperhorn » Mon Dec 17, 2012 7:42 pm

Hi guys ...

First off a big thanks to the gang at P2Flash Support for pointing me to the right registry keys to look for. I recently did a wipe of my work computer (as we Windows users do) and thought I had backed up everything. Upon re-installing P2Flash I realized that I didn't have the long list of protected URLs that I use to secure my work documents. Luckly I re-installed Windows to a different HDD than I had before ... so I had my previous C drive intact to look at.

The settings for Print2Flash are all stored in the HKEY_USERS hive of the registry ... in a sub section that is specific to your user account (labelled as an SID string .. a big hash of numbers and letters).

1. open regedit (Windows key + R and then type regedit)
2. do a backup of your current registry just to be safe (never hurts!)
3. navigate to HKEY_USERS in your current registry (just click it once to highlight).
4. from the File menu choose 'Load Hive' ... navigate to your OLD/PREVIOUS c:/users folder. Find the user account that you wanted to look in. In that folder you'll see a file called NTUSER.DAT ... that's your HKEY_USERS hive particular to your SID.
5. The regedit program will prompt you for a name for the hive you're loading ... give it anything (you're going to remove it later anyways). I used 'p2temp'.
6. Now you can navigate into your new 'temp' user info ... down to >SOFTWARE>Print2Flash>Print2Flash3. Look up the settings you wanted. If you're feeling nerdy you could even export a registry key to import later (or just copy what you want to a text file).
7. Now click back on the 'temp' hive name that you created ... go to File and choose 'Unload Hive'. Your registry will be back to normal and you'll have the info you needed.

Happy hunting!


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