Can I use Automation API on Linux or Mac?

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Can I use Automation API on Linux or Mac?

Post by staff » Sat Dec 15, 2007 7:05 pm

No, If you intend to convert documents directly using Automation API, this is impossible as Print2Flash requires Windows to run. For example, if you take a PHP sample from Print2Flash SDK, this sample can work only on Windows.
If you need to perform document conversions in the application running on the platforms other than Windows, you'll still need a Windows machine with Print2Flash installed on it and arrange a communication between these machines which allows sending documents to convert to Windows computer and receiving back the converted documents in response. An example of such kind a solution can be setting up a web service on Windows machine which performs document conversion on request. Print2Flash SDK includes a sample of such a web service using ASP.NET (the sample is located in the Automation\Samples\ASP.NET folder of SDK archive). Also, the SDK includes samples for accessing this web service written in ASP.NET and PHP. These samples are located in the Automation\Samples\ASP.NET and Automation\Samples\PHP\WebService folders of SDK archive.

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