What types of documents can be converted programmatically?

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What types of documents can be converted programmatically?

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To make a document eligible for programmatic conversion using batch processing or Print2Flash Automation API, there should be an application registered in Windows for printing such type of files. Most document applications register themselves for printing of the documents they are able to open or edit. This includes MS Office applications (.doc, .xls, .ppt and other files), Adobe Reader (.pdf files), OpenOffice applications, Notepad (.txt files) and many others.
Note that the set of documents that can be converted manually is in principle larger than the set that can be converted programmatically because some applications may open their documents and have Print button for sending the document to the printer but they might not register for printing of such types of files in Windows and hence make programmatic conversion impossible.
You may easily test if a document can be converted programmatically by right clicking your document in Windows Explorer and checking if "Convert to Flash (.swf) using Print2Flash" option is available in the context menu. If it is available and document is converted when you choose that option, it certainly means that programmatic conversion is possible as well.

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