No searchresults in SWF

Questions regarding using Print2Flash documents
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No searchresults in SWF

Post by Sares » Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:43 am


right now I am evaluating P2F and I've converted some PDFs to see how it works. The conversion worked without any problems, but I was not able to search for some text within the generated swf. When I do the same search in Acrobat I will get some results. I've also uploaded to a webserver to see if this might be some local flash limitations, but I do not succeed.

Is this a limitation of the Demo-Version or is it a bug?

Please let me know!

Thx in advance,

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Re: No searchresults in SWF

Post by staff » Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:51 pm

This is a known problem for Adobe Reader. The fact is it may sometimes send text to printers not as text but as images

This issue is known to happen only with Adobe Reader and only for some documents. The fact is printing feature in Adobe Reader is oriented towards printing on real printers and getting a hard copy of documents. As it does not matter whether text is represented by text or by images when it is printed on paper, Adobe Reader seems not to be over-scrupulous to represent text as text when sending it to printers.

We have not found a reliable solution for this Adobe Reader problem yet. Our surmise is that if the PDF document was obtained via scanning and OCR, it contains a graphic image of the document as well as its text content, and when the document is sent to printer, it is the graphic image that is printed apparently to preserve original document view. So if it were possible to remove that graphic image from PDF, the document might be printed as text. Also, we believe it is better to use TrueType fonts in the documents.

If you obtained the PDF document from another document type, e.g. from MS Word, it is better to convert the original document rather than PDF. As we have said, this issue is known to happen only with Adobe Reader so direct conversion should resolve this problem.

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