Installation on Windows 2003 Server

Problems with Print2Flash installation
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Installation on Windows 2003 Server

Post by hjph » Wed Feb 27, 2008 9:36 am

Hello, I face the following problem with getting "Print2Flash Commercial 32 bit Edition 2.7.1" to work on a windows 2003 server.
I installed the software and the installation ran through without any problems.

Before - on a XP Pro - development maschine I installed the same software and it took me some time to get it to work. I had to run the .net-framework2-file "regtlibv12.exe" on the "p2fServer.tlb"-file and then installed the "print2flash"-windows server with "Administrator" as role. Then, on the XP-development-maschine, I could upload files to the local maschine (e.g. pdf or doc) via a ASP.NET (VB.NET)-application and let them be displayed on the website. Everything perfect - on the local maschine.

Then I wanted to follow the same steps on the win2003-server. Registered the DLLs. When staring the "Print2Flash [Server Mode]"-application to have the "Print2Flash"-service installed I again entered the "Administrator"-username and password under "Change service account" and checked the "Grant access and launch permissions to Everyone"-box. Now a dialog (title "Print2Flash [Server Mode]-*UNREGISTERED*") appears saying "System Error. Code: 1332. No Mapping between account names and security IDs was done!".

When I access the web-application on the server and try to upload a file which is then to be converted it says: "System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {7F8A0980-3F6E-421B-87EA-4D4A077B1DDD} failed due to the following error: 80070005. at qGlobal.get_DocToSWF", where "qGlobal.get_DocToSWF(FileIn as string, FileOut as string)" is the function which should do the actual conversion-job.

Code: Select all

    Public Function get_DocToSWF(ByVal FileIn As String, ByVal FileOut As String) As String
            Dim P2F As P2F.Server2 = New P2F.Server2
            P2F.ConvertFile(FileIn, FileOut)
            If File.Exists(FileOut) = True Then
                If P2F.ErrorCount = 0 And P2F.FilesConverted = 1 Then
                    Return "OK!"
                    Return "NOK! " + P2F.ErrorCount.ToString + "/" + P2F.FilesConverted.ToString + " / IN: " + FileIn + " / OUT: " + FileOut
                End If
                Return "NOK! No file created!" + " / IN: " + FileIn + " / OUT: " + FileOut
            End If
        Catch ex As Exception
            Return "NOK! Error: " + ex.ToString + " / IN: " + FileIn + " / OUT: " + FileOut
        End Try
    End Function
In my Visual Studio 8 - project I have added two references, one to "p2fbatch.dll" and one to "p2fserver.tlb". In my "/bin"-directory there is the file "Interop.P2F.dll" located.

Please help me in understanding why this will not work on the Windows2003-Server. I tried the same on another server-2003-installation and it does not work either.

I am greatefull for any help on how to do a correct installation on XP and Windows2003-Server.

Thanks in advance,
Henry-JP Hammelbeck

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Re: Installation on Windows 2003 Server

Post by staff » Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:05 am

The problem is that Print2Flash service cannot logon using the credentials you entered in the Print2Flash Service Configuration window. You may enter the same user name and password you use to logon to Windows. If the user name belongs to a domain, you need to enter it in this format: DOMAINNAME\USERNAME. If your user name is local (not on a domain), you need to enter it as COMPUTERNAME\USERNAME. Here COMPUTERNAME is a name of your computer as displayed in the Computer Name tab of the window shown if your right click My Computer icon and choose Properties.

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Re: Installation on Windows 2003 Server

Post by mathew » Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:42 am

I have the problem of Installation of Print2Flash on Windows 2003 Server when I installed it on server the process will be suddenly stop and restart the server so whats a problem?
Anyone can know about it..

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