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Hyperlinks Tab of Document Options Window

Hyperlinks tab of Document Options window lets you control creation of hyperlinks in Print2Flash documents.

Extract parsable hyperlinks option specifies if Print2Flash should parse hyperlinks out of document text. If a document contains a valid text string that looks like a URL, Print2Flash can convert this string to a hyperlink which is clickable and opens the specified URL when clicked. See Hyperlinks help topic for more information.

You may also retain hyperlinks from original documents for some types of documents without parsing them. This allows preserving hyperlinks present in original source documents. Currently Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF and AutoCAD document types are supported by this method. You may turn or off this feature for each type of document using Extract hyperlinks from MS Word documents, Extract hyperlinks from MS PowerPoint documents, Extract hyperlinks from PDF documents and Extract hyperlinks from AutoCAD documents checkboxes. See Hyperlinks help topic for more information.

Link target set of controls lets you choose the target frame or browser window in which links should be opened: