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 Help Contents

Interface Tab of Document Options Window

Interface tab of Document Options window lets you customize the appearance of converted Print2Flash documents. Here you may choose buttons or controls that appears on the toolbar of the converted document as well as a document skin.

The upper group of controls in this tab lets you customize which buttons or controls will appear on the toolbar of converted documents. It has a number of checkboxes, each checkbox corresponding to a single button or control that may appear on the toolbar. You need to check only those options that correspond to the buttons and controls you want to see in converted documents. See Hiding Buttons and Logo for more information.

The Back Forward button options are a special case. You may choose three display modes for them:

For Full Screen button you also have three choices:

For Print button you have these choices:

Skin list allows you to choose a document skin that will be applied to documents from the list of predefined skins. If you want to edit the selected skin, click Edit Skin button to open the Skin Editor window.

Language control specifies the language that will be used in the document interface. Currently this option affect toolbar hints language. Auto option means that language is chosen automatically based on the user's operating system language.