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Print2Flash Document API Events

  Below is the description of each Print2Flash Document Application Programming Interface event.
Event Name Parameters Comments
onLinkClicked page, url Broadcast when a link in the document is clicked. page parameter specifies the number of the page on which the clicked link is located. url parameter is the link address (URL). If the URL starts with anchor: prefix, this is an internal link. For HTML5 documents this event is fired only for internal links.
onPageChanged page Broadcast when the current page (as displayed in the toolbar) changes. The new page number is passed in page parameter.
onPageLoaded page Broadcast when the page specified by the page parameter is loaded.
onPrinted none Broadcast when user makes an attempt to print the document. Note that this event is fired regardless of the fact if the user proceeded with printing or cancelled it.
onSelection selection Broadcast when the current text selection in the document changes. The information on new selection is passed in selectionRange parameter of SelectionRange type. To get the selected text use getSelectedText function.
onToolChanged tool Broadcast when the currently active tool (as displayed in the toolbar) changes. The new tool is passed in tool parameter and represented by text as in getCurrentTool function.
onVisibleAreaChanged area Broadcast when any aspect of the visible area of the document changes, including zoom level, rotation and scroll position. The object describing the new visible area of the document is passed in area parameter of VisibleArea type.
onZoomChanged zoom Broadcast when the current zoom level (as displayed in the toolbar) changes. The new zoom level is passed in zoom parameter.