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How to Make Use of Print2Flash Document Accessibility?

Print2Flash documents are accessible to users with disabilities in compliance with Section 508 of the American Disabilities Act. There are two accessibility aspects: 1) using documents with keyboard only; and 2) using documents by visually impaired users.

Using documents with keyboard only

Almost all of Print2Flash document functions can be accomplished with the keyboard only which can be of help if mouse is not present or for visually impaired users.

First, there is a number of keyboard shortcuts that let users to invoke frequent and most important functions by means of the keyboard. See Using Keyboard and Mouse for more information on this.

Next, the document interface toolbar can be accessed with keyboard. To accomplish this, press Tab key several times until you see a moving thick rectangle around toolbar buttons and controls. This rectangle means keyboard input focus within the document interface and denotes active button or control. If you press Enter or Space key when a button is active, it is pressed i.e. the function associated with the button is accomplished as if the button were clicked with mouse. This way you can invoke all of the functions accomplished by document toolbar. To move between buttons to the right, use Tab key; to move to the left - Shift+Tab keys.

Using documents by visually impaired users

To facilitate access to Print2Flash documents by visually impaired users it is needed to use a screen reader software compatible with your browser or Adobe Flash Player. Screen readers are software applications designed to navigate through a website and read the web content aloud. Visually impaired users often rely on this technology. JAWS, from Freedom Scientific, is one example of such screen reader software. You can access the JAWS page of the Freedom Scientific website at http://www.freedomscientific.com/JawsHQ/jawsHeadquarters01

Print2Flash documents provide the following information to screen reader software:

Typically a screen reader reads content of the document toolbar and then - the whole document text. If you want to hear a document text starting from a certain page, you may go to this page either by using keyboard shortcuts (go to next or previous page) or by using document interface toolbar (using Next Page button, Previous Page button or Go To Page text box). and then make the screen reader re-read the document (see your software reader documentation on how to do this).