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 Help Contents

Special Processing Options Window

In Special Processing Options window you may configure conversion options used by batch processing application for some of the well-known document types and applications: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

The window contains a number of checkboxes corresponding to various document printing applications. You should check only those applications for which you want to use special processing method for document conversion. Usually it is recommended to use special processing method for all supported document types. However, if you experience problems with special processing method for some document types, you may turn it off by clearing the corresponding checkbox. See Special Document Processing for more information.

Options for MS PowerPoint documents

Additionally, you may setup extra options for special processing method for MS PowerPoint documents by clicking More PowerPoint Options button:

All these options may be set to auto setting which means using of the option values stored in the PowerPoint documents themselves. For checkboxes you may choose a third-state value in order to activate auto setting.