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 Help Contents

Using Keyboard and Mouse

Document view area in converted document interface can be manipulated not only by means of the toolbar but using keyboard and mouse as well.

See the table below for the description of each operation available via keyboard or mouse. Note that most of the keyboard shortcuts are available only if document view area is active so you may need to activate it by clicking it.

To do this Accomplish this

Navigation in the document

Move one line down Press Down
Move one line up Press Up
Move one visible page down Press Page Down
Move one visible page up Press Page Up
Move to the document beginning Press Home
Move to the document end Press End
Move to the left Press Left
Move to the right Press Right
Move up or down Rotate mouse wheel
Go to next page Press Ctrl + Down Arrow or Ctrl + U
Go to previous page Press Ctrl + Up Arrow or Ctrl + Y
Go to previous link Press Ctrl + Left Arrow or Backspace
Go to next link Press Ctrl + Right Arrow

Zooming in and out

Enlarge the document Press Ctrl or Alt + Grey+
Reduce the document Press Ctrl or Alt + Grey-
Enlarge or reduce the document Press Ctrl or Alt + Rotate mouse wheel
Enlarge the clicked area. Double click on the area in the document

Other functions

Print the document Press Ctrl or Alt + P
Copy selected text to clipboard Press Ctrl + C