Print2Flash 5.2 is released

 - 06/24/2020

New features:

Print2Flash 5.1 is released

 - 11/07/2019

New features:

Print2Flash 5.0 is released

 - 03/22/2018

The main feature of this version is support of mobile and touchscreen devices by HTML5 documents. From now your documents can be conveniently displayed not only on desktop computers or tablets but also on devices with a smaller screen. For more seamless user experience when viewing HTML5 documents in a mobile device mode, the document toolbar can be hidden and most actions can be performed using gestures on the touchscreen. Normal document display mode is retained as well as Flash documents support. It means that using Print2Flash you can get a web ready document which can be viewed in all browsers with Flash support, in modern browsers or on mobile devices with a browser with HTML5 support - all with just a single document conversion accomplished in a couple of clicks! You don't have to bother about which kind of document to show to each kind of desktop or mobile user as Print2Flash takes care of this. All you need is to convert a document with Print2Flash with just a couple of clicks, upload the document to your website, and then it can be viewed by almost any kind of user, whether a mobile or a desktop user using a browser with Flash or HTML5 support. Print2Flash chooses the correct kind of document and mode to display to users automatically.

There are also other new features:

Print2Flash 4.0 is released

 - 8/17/2015

The main feature of this major release is support of new document format in addition to Flash: HTML5 format. This format allows opening and viewing Print2Flash documents in all modern browsers supporting HTML5 even without the Flash Player. As HTML5 is now widely supported, this feature provides a greater audience  for your documents and makes it possible to access your documents on a greater range of computers, mobile devices and other Internet-enabled gadgets. Support for Flash documents is retained, and now you may seamlessly produce web-ready documents in both Flash and HTML5 formats for optimum functionality and compatibility. HTML5 documents rely on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files for displaying of document pages so this release introduces a support of SVG format as well.

Additional new features include:

Print2Flash 3.5 is released

 - 4/18/2013

New features:

Print2Flash 3.4 is released

 - 4/18/2012

We’ve added several new features:

Print2Flash 3.3 is released

 - 12/24/2011

We’ve added several new features:


Print2Flash 3.2 is released

 - 2/18/2011

The main feature added by this version is support for standard documents using ActionScript3. This should allow for seamless integration of Print2Flash documents into other ActionScript3 movies and Flex applications. Previously it was possible to use ActionScript2 documents with ActionScript3 movies but such approach had several problems because of poor interoperability support by the Flash Player between ActionScript2 and ActionScript3 movies. Now you may produce "pure" ActionScript3 documents. See these help topics to learn how to embed ActionScript3 documents in ActionScript3 movies and Flex applications:

Support for standard documents using ActionScript2 is retained. You may control the ActionScript version using Document Template field in the Output Tab of Document Options window.

Another feature added is extension of metadata file format with page width, height and resolution fields. It may be important to know the page dimensions if you develop your own document viewer.

Print2Flash 3.1 is released

 - 11/9/2010

We’ve added several new features:

  • Hyperlink support for PDF documents
    Hyperlink support is now extended to PDF documents as well. Hyperlinks in the source PDF documents are retained in the output Print2Flash documents. The links can be clicked by user in the document interface which further enhances user experience and introduces more interactivity for this kind of documents.
  • Control of hyperlink target window
    Hyperlinks in previous versions were always opened in a new browser window. Starting from this version you may control the link target and open hyperlinks in any frame or window. You may even retain the targets specified in the source document.
  • Support of navigation to bookmarks via Document API
    Bookmarks were already supported by previous versions of Print2Flash. However, starting from this version you may make the document to show any bookmark location programmatically using Print2Flash Document API.
  • Control of text highlight color
    This features enhances the customization of document interface. Now you can control the color with which the text is highlighted when it is selected with mouse or at text search.

Print2Flash 3.01 is released

 - 8/9/2010

This release mostly includes small enhancements and minor bug fixes.

Print2Flash 3.0 is released

 - 7/11/2010

This is a major upgrade of Print2flash. There is a lot of new features:

  • Support of alternative document toolbar skins  
    With this version you can change the way how the document toolbar looks. You can choose from several alternative toolbars skins so you do not have to use only a single toolbar design. The standard skin of previous versions is retained, too. You may even customize several standard toolbar and document colors.
  • Ability to design custom skins    
    If you are not content with built-in skins, you may design your own skins with your logo and button images. You may either do this from scratch or customize an existing built-in skin.
  • Support of custom document viewers
    If you want a unique document interface and features, you may design your own Flash viewer for it. This approach allows you to customize all aspects of document viewer display and operation. Then Print2Flash will merge you viewer with document pages and you'll obtain a single file Flash document fully customized to your needs.  
  •  "Single file per page mode" output mode
    This feature makes it possible to produce a Flash document not as a single SWF file but as a set of SWF files without the document viewer, one file per each document page. This approach allows you to create an external Flash viewer movie that can load these page files for displaying the document the way you need it. An advantage of this approach to a single document file method is your external Flash viewer can be modified independently of already existing Flash documents.  

  • Hyperlink support for some kinds of source documents
    Starting from this version it is possible to retain the links from original documents in MS Word and MS PowerPoint formats. The links can be clicked by user in the document interface which enhances user experience and introduces more interactivity.
  • Extracting of parsable hyperlinks
    For other types of documents you may make Print2Flash parse hyperlinks out of document text. If a document contains a valid text string that looks like a URL, Print2Flash can convert this string to a hyperlink which is clickable and opens the specified URL when clicked.
  • Watermarks
    Print2Flash can apply watermarks to document pages. A watermark is text or an image that appears above existing document content, similar to a stamp. For example, you might want to apply a “Confidential” watermark to pages with sensitive information.
  • Page thumbnails
    Print2Flash supports creation of thumbnail images for each converted document page. You may use these images on your web site or in your application for displaying of document page previews. Thumbnails images are created and stored in separate graphic files of either JPEG or PNG format.
  • Document metadata file
    Along with the Flash document file itself Print2Flash can create a file describing the document named metadata file. Currently the information about documents includes document text and total number of pages. You may use this information, for example, for creation of index of your documents for your search engine.
  • Restricting access to documents for loading only from certain domains
    If you are concerned that your documents in Print2Flash format may be viewed when downloaded from locations other than your web site (domain), you may restrict viewing only to certain domains. If a user stores a protected document on disk or retrieves it from disk cache or uploads it to another web site, this protection technique will not allow this document to be shown in these cases. Thus your documents appear to be "linked" to your site without a possibility to view them from other sites or disk.
  • Support of special processing conversion method
    For some types of documents and applications Print2Flash supports a new programmatic conversion method called "special processing method". To invoke printing on the Print2Flash Printer and perform conversion of documents to Flash, Print2Flash uses special APIs of those applications. This method provides more robust conversion processing and more conversion options.
  • Additional options for converting PDF, Excel and PowerPoint documents
    Using special processing method additional options for conversion of PDF, Excel and PowerPoint documents are available. For example, you may control which Excel sheets should be converted (previously only a single sheet could be processed) or how PowerPoint documents slides should be scaled.
  • Printing jobs
    Using printing jobs you can "capture" any print job sent to the Print2Flash  Printer and convert job output into a Flash file. This method offers some advantages, for example, you may convert documents of any types besides those that have an application registered for printing of this kind of files in the operating system provided that you can send this file to a printer programmatically
  • Batch Processing Application
    Batch Processing Application is a graphic user interface (GUI) application with which you can convert multiple documents to Flash with just several clicks. It may be useful if you need to convert a lot of documents.
  • Support of additional languages in the document interface
    Support for several new languages is provided: Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Serbian and Swedish.

Testimonial section is added to our web site

 - 12/11/2008

We've added a new Testimonials section to our web site. You may view it here: Read how people use Print2Flash on their web sites and in their applications and what they say about it!

If you also have something to tell other people about how you use Print2Flash and want to contribute to Testimonials section, please send us an e-mail to

Print2Flash 2.7.3 is released

 - 11/10/2008

We’ve added several new features:

Print2Flash 2.7.2 is released

 - 5/6/2008

This version includes several low-level optimizations and minor bug fixes.

Print2Flash 2.7.1 is released

 - 2/13/2008

We’ve added several new features there:

Print2Flash SDK is released

 - 1/27/2008

Print2Flash SDK introduces support for embedding Print2Flash documents into movies using ActionScript 3 and created with Adobe Flash CS3. Previously support for ActionScript 3 movies was only provided for Flex applications. SDK includes an ActionScript class named Print2FlashDoc which facilitates embedding documents into Flash AS3 movies and controlling them with Document API. Also there is a Flash CS3 sample which demonstrates using this class to load and programmatically manipulate a sample Print2Flash document.

Print2Flash 2.7 is released

 - 12/21/2007

We’ve added several new features there:

Print2Flash forum is opened

 - 12/16/2007

Our web site has undergone some changes and we've added a forum there which can be accessed at You may ask your questions there or help other users in resolving problems related to Print2Flash. Your input is invaluable and welcome!