Coextant Systems International AG

With our Hyper.Net® web service we are able to fully automate the document life cycle from creation of contents, through preparation and distribution to delivery in a customer-oriented format. To satisfy demand for useful and exchangeable Web documents accompanied by Web 2.0 development, we had to extend Hyper.Net® with a Flash converter. And so after long search our choice fell to Print2Flash®.

The product has an efficient API with which we can easily customize the look & feel as well as functionality of Flash documents to our and our customers’ needs. Besides the quality of the generated Flash is outstanding. Now altogether with XML, Hypertext, HTML, PDF, PDF/A, MP3 and other formats our Hyper.Net® web service is capable of automatic production of high quality Flash representation from documents of any kind and publishing them in Web applications and social networks which support OpenSocial such as Hi5. 

This comprehensive functionality for integrated production of Flash documents is available worldwide in our open Web platform doXtop® (www.doXtop.com) as well as in our Hyper.Net® product (www.coextant.com) as an option for our customers and through this – in leading platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint®.

Paul Caspers
Coextant Systems International AG

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Digital Samba, SL

Our company specializes in the conceptualization and realization of Intranet, Extranet and Internet communication and collaboration solutions. Our new OnSync web conferencing solution takes web conferencing, virtual meetings and online training to another level. Print2Flash product is used in this solution for efficient representation of documents of any kind.

I would recommend Print2Flash to anyone for 3 reasons:

1. Great Support
2. Fair licensing terms
3. Stable, professional software that does exactly what it says on the tin

We switched to Print2Flash from Macromedia FlashPaper and never looked back.

Robert Strobl
co-Founder, Digital Samba, SL


WebCollage, Inc.

The Print2Flash tool has been working great of us to enable easy and convenient viewing of documents online using Flash technology. We’ve used it to convert hundreds of documents and received timely support and help.

Vice President of Product Management,
WebCollage, Inc.


Kamakura Citizens Net

We “Kamakura Citizens Net” is a Non Profit Organization (NPO) in Japan and conduct seminars for senior age people to solve their digital divide problems.

Most of information for senior age people are conventionally distributed by printed papers. Now the same content can be read on our web page. Introducing Print2Flash the thumbnail content and the full size content are smoothly changed from one to the other on the same window.

The Print2Flash is an excellent software for us to solve digital divide problems for senior age people.

Masatoshi Kakuda,
Kamakura Citizens Net, Japan


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Cynthia Carlon

It was a nightmare to figure out how to convert my pastor client’s email s to post on the web…15 different fonts, colors…text/paragraph formatting…then there are those little nasty unnecessary paragraph/page formatting embedded from Word. Plus the images had to be resized….the list goes on. I was ready to throw in the towel.

I stumbled upon FlashPaper2 while trying to find a REASONABLE way to display multiple links from one page and keep the cost down for the church while reducing my work load.

I got the demo and thought it was “out of sight” or WONDERFUL!!! So much more efficient and faster than a PDF. large documents load so much quicker.

I then realized it was developed by Macromedia but they sold everything to Adobe a few years ago….and of course they aren’t going to promote something against their beloved Acrobat, SO NOT A SINGLE UPDATE HAS OCCURRED SINCE ADOBE ACQUIRED IT, and plan on discontinuing it. So you can buy an outdated/discontinued software for $69-79 if you search. WHY WOULD A PERSON DO THAT?

I then discovered Flash2Print which has many added features, technical support, future releases. Flash is the most efficient way to display your documents, posted newsletters, catalogs or anything in beautiful interactive color and Print2Flash is the ONLY way to go. I capture web pages, newsletters, scans of legal documents and use Print2Flash to display on the web.

For me personally, I recently had cataract surgery, but before the surgery I used Print2Flash for my scanned knitting patterns and charts so I could read them…I had gone beyond magnifying glasses, etc. I still will use that feature to view my patterns rather than from the books.

A Grateful and Happy User,
Cynthia Carlon