How to convert .odf to HTML5 format?

With Print2Flash it is very easy to convert .odf documents to HTML5 for easy publishing on the web and Internet. After you have downloaded and installed Print2Flash and OpenOffice Math or another application capable of printing of .odf files on your computer, all you need to convert .odf documents is:
  1. Launch Print2Flash Printing Application by choosing "Print2Flash Printing Application" from the "All Programs/Print2flash 4" submenu of Windows start menu
  2. Click Convert button on the toolbar
  3. Select the document you want to convert in the opened dialog window and click Open
  4. The document is converted to HTML5 document and appears in the Print2Flash printing application. The progress window is displayed to show you the conversion process is taking place. Please wait until it is finished.
  5. Select File > Save HTML to save the document in the desired location.

There are also alternative methods for converting of .odf documents to HTML5 described in this page: How to Convert a Document to a HTML File?