Ever wondered how to publish a document on the Internet?

Want to convert any document to an Adobe ® Flash ® (SWF) file or to HTML page or SVG file?

Wish to show your document to friends or virtually anyone on the Internet without having them to install special software?

Now these questions are readily answered with Print2Flash!  

What is Print2Flash?

Print2Flash lets you easily convert any printable document (e.g. a Microsoft Word or PDF document, a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet) to an Adobe ® Flash ® file (file with SWF extension) or to HTML page or SVG file. This file can be shared with users who don't have the software that created the original document (for example, Microsoft Word). You can view such files with virtually any web browser or Adobe ® Flash ® Player that is available across a number of operating systems. And these files can be easily published on the Web as well for fast and easy access to them from anywhere across the globe.

What are the benefits?

There is a number of benefits in publishing documents as Print2Flash documents. Here are just a few of them:

  • Greater Accessibility
    Once converted with Print2Flash, a document can be easily viewed in any web browser just like our sample documents. Users don't have to install any software in order to view the documents. For example, there is no need to install Microsoft Word in order to view Word documents, Adobe Reader to view PDF documents or Autodesk AutoCAD to view AutoCAD documents. All is needed is a web browser or an Adobe Flash Player;
  • Compatibility
    There's virtually no limit in terms of devices or computer operating systems;
  • Internet Distribution
    Distributing your documents on the Internet for other people to see is easier said than done. But once you upload a Print2Flash document to any server, forum and discussion group, anyone can view it;
  • Web Page Embeddable
    Print2Flash documents can be shown on the Web not only as a standalone document in a separate window but also can be embedded in a web page and shown inside it altogether with other web page content just like our sample documents;
  • Flash and Flex Application Embeddable
    Print2Flash documents can be embedded into other Flash movies or Flex applications which allows their integration with your applications;
  • E-mail-Ready
    Even if you want to send a document to someone by e-mail, converting it with Print2Flash may be a better option;
  • Secure
    Others cannot edit your documents if you converted them with Print2Flash. You may optionally prevent your document viewers from copying the document text or from printing the document.

More benefits

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Getting Started
  1. Download and install Print2Flash

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How it Works
  1. The document is printed to Print2Flash virtual printer to obtain a web-ready Print2Flash document file

  2. Print2Flash file is either sent to viewers by e-mail or  published on the Web