document clipping on print with flash 10

Publishing Print2Flash Documents embedding them in Flex applications
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document clipping on print with flash 10

Post by ithrasher » Fri May 08, 2009 11:40 am

There appears to be a problem with the Print2FlashDoc clipping when printing the document, but only when using Flash 10 compiler options in Flex Builder.

A demo app:

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<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" width="100%" xmlns:Print2Flash="Print2Flash.*">
	<Print2Flash:Print2FlashDoc height="100%" width="100%" source="myDoc.swf" />
In Flex Builder 3, right click on the project, choose Flex Compiler and set the Require Flash Player version to 9.0.124. Build and run the project, then print the flash doc and everything is perfectly fine.

Now change the flash version requirement to 10.0.12 (or greater), build and run, then print and you'll see that a large section of every page of the document is clipped and not printed. If I make my browser window smaller or larger (and relaunch the program in the resized windows), the print area grows/shrinks along with the browser size. However, I cannot seem to find a way to get the entire page to print.

Any suggestions?

(This wasn't a problem until I added support for saving objects from my flex app to the user's computer, which requires Flash 10, otherwise you'll get compilation errors.)

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