Help With printing pdf documents

Using OLE Automation API
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Help With printing pdf documents

Post by ishwinder » Tue Dec 25, 2007 12:22 pm

Some one please help..

i am facing issues with automating pdf files using ASP NET service. I have written p2f extension in ASP NET. It converts every document except the pdf files where it throws the time out exception. I tried converting the document from the right click menu and every thing works fine. Only automation is affected. I am using Adobe Reader 8. Is there some issue with Reader 8?
I am using the same project as placed in sdk samples... :(.


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Re: Help With printing pdf documents

Post by staff » Wed Dec 26, 2007 9:39 am

Your problem seems to be related to Adobe Reader. When you checked conversion with right click menu, have you logged in to Windows using the credentials you supplied for running Print2Flash service? It means that if this user account differs from the account you use normally for working in Windows, you need to log off from Windows by clicking Log Off in Windows Start menu, log in using the credentials you setup for Print2Flash service and then try the right click conversion. The most probable cause for the timeout error you get (“Before printing timeout” error) is that Adobe Reader displays a message before printing a document. Among messages that we know of is Adobe Reader auto-update message. So to see the message you need to login to Windows using that account and see if any messages are shown at right click conversion. To disable auto-update message you need to turn off this feature in Adobe Reader in this way:
1. Launch Adobe Reader
2. Click Edit/Preferences/Updates
3. Check this option :”Do not automatically check for critical updates”
4. Clear these options :”Display notification dialog at startup” and “Display installation complete dialog”
Again, you may need to login to Windows using the account you setup for Print2Flash service in order to make these Adobe Reader settings effective for that user. Also see this forum topic on this issue:

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