Scale to fit Paper option

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Scale to fit Paper option

Post by nikhiljain » Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:57 am


We are using API calls to convert the documents to SWF using batch processing. Some documents are of wider size than the standard paper size. During the batch processing as it is an automated process we don't about the paper size of documents. The pages in resulting SWF file getting cut either from both right & left sides.

In the printing configuration we can specify the paper size, but we can't find out the paper size of documents during the automated process.

Can we have Scale to Fit paper option to be set in printing properties of Print2Flash during the conversion process which will scale pages to default page size ?

Nikhil Jain

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Re: Scale to fit Paper option

Post by staff » Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:10 am

Print2Flash is a virtual printer, it does not deal with source documents directly but by means of a printing application (such as Adobe Reader if you convert PDF documents) and hence it does not know about the sizes of pages in source documents either. When a printing applicatiion prints a document, it instructs the printer driver to use a specific page size and it is this size that is used by Print2Flash printer. Other than complying with printing applicatiion page size selection request, Print2Flash can do nothing to change ther size. So if an application chooses a wrong size for some reason, Print2Flash cannot detect this as it does not know original document page sizes.
If you experience this problem when converting PDF documents with Adobe Reader, try to use Adobe Reader 9 or later version and set "Choose paper source by PDF page size" option in the File/Print window of Adobe Reader (do this only once and Adobe Reader should memorize this option).
If this still does not help, can you send us this document to our support e-mail so that we can investigate it?

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