Ugly controls! We need customizable controls

Customizing interface of the converted documents
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Ugly controls! We need customizable controls

Post by sleidia » Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:43 am

Hi there,

I'm a pro webdesigner and since FlashPaper refuses to work on my machine, I thought that Print2Flash was the only way to go.
So, I've downloaded the trial version but unfortunately, there is one big issue that is currently preventing me from buying/using this application : the ugly controls interface you can't modify.

I'm sorry to say that the controls aren't professionnally looking and that they look very cheap.

So, that would be a great thing if your application could allow the use of customized controls.
I'm certain that it's not difficult to implement such a functionnality.
For example, the application would simply have to search for the controls in swf format inside a specified folder and then import them into the reader.

Thanks :)

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Re: Ugly controls! We need customizable controls

Post by staff » Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:00 am

In the current version of Print2Flash it is not possible to replace the button images on the Print2Flash document toolbar. However, you may remove the standard logo or any button by clearing corresponding options in the Document Options window. Then you may embed Print2Flash documents into another Flash movie, Flex application or a web page which may have your own logo and buttons there. You may control the document behavior with your buttons using Print2Flash Document API. An example of doing this by embedding in a web page can be found at Flash examples can be found in the Print2Flash SDK which can be downloaded from (samples are located in the DocumentAPI\Samples folder of the SDK archive).

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