var url when embedding print2flash swf

Publishing Print2Flash Documents in HTML pages
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var url when embedding print2flash swf

Post by alfredmurrle » Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:25 pm


I'm trying to embed a print2flash swf into a wordpress page.

Print2Flash's docs concerning embedding the swf into an existing web page have you paste the generated html javascript code into your html page and then copy the associated directory with the generated swf file onto your server where your html page resides.

I have created a directory on my server to store all of my swf files, thinking that I could just change the Print2Flash generated html code from

var url="generated_directory/generatedswf.swf


var url=" ... tedswf.swf"

For some reason this very specific path pointer isn't being found when I try to load the wordpress web page. Any suggestions on a more appropriate path that will serve up the swf?



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