Feature Request: onLinkClicked event

Using Print2Flash Document API
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Feature Request: onLinkClicked event

Post by ruehl » Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:30 am


I played around with the Document API under Flash (As 3.0) for a while, and now miss an event dispatched by the Print2Flash SWF when the user clicks on a hyperlink contained within the document. My specific requirements for such an event are:

* new Event "onClickEvent" gets dispatched by loaded Print2SWF movie when user clicks on a hyperlink contained within the document

* "onClickEvent" parameter is the URL of the clicked hyperlink (e.g. "http://take.me.there.com" or custom protocol such as "custom://dothis/and/that")

* Implementation of the event callback method can return true or false: if returning true, the Flash movie processes the click as it would do normally, otherwise it would just dispatch the event without further action. If this is too difficult to accomplish, it would be sufficient to process http(s)-Hyperlinks normally (i.e. opening a browser) and "custom://"-Links would just dispatch the onLinkClicked event (without doing any further action).

The reasoning behind this functionality is to keep track of clicks on hyperlinks from within a Flash that loaded the Print2Flash SWF, e.g. because it wants to perform another/parallel action, when a click on the hyperlink occurs, rather than just launching the Internet browser (in my case that link should trigger another action within the containign Flash-Movie).

Is there any chance that such a functionality could be provided anytime soon?

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Re: Feature Request: onLinkClicked event

Post by shashank » Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:19 am

It Appears almost 9 months to ur querry and no support person even dared to give you a reply. It seems these guys are lost somewhere ?

Can somebody answer it?

I to have the similar requirement

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