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 Help Contents

What's New

Version 4.0

  • New HTML5/SVG document format
  • Special support for programmatic conversion of Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Adobe InDesign, OpenOffice Writer, OpenOffice Calc, OpenOffice Impress, OpenOffice Draw and OpenOffice Math documents
  • Support of Microsoft Office viewers (Microsoft Word Viewer, Microsoft Excel Viewer and Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer) for programmatic conversion of MS Office documents
  • New options for programmatic conversion of MS PowerPoint documents (FrameSlides and OutputType)
  • Option to specify frame width and height for Flash documents
  • New Batch Processing and Special Processing options for Batch Processing Application
  • Introduction of 64 bit OS support for Free Edition

Version 3.5

  • LZMA compression
  • Automatic new product version notifications
  • Option to print or not to print hidden slides for PowerPoint documents at programmatic conversion
  • Japanese and Turkish languages support in document interface

Version 3.4

  • Full Screen mode support
  • Watermark image placement options

Version 3.3

  • External Viewer document format
  • ActionScript version control for “Single file per page” format
  • Initial document settings
  • Hyperlink support for MS Office x64
  • Improved 64 bit applications support for 64 bit edition. In particular, Server object is now available for 64 bit applications
  • Scaling options available when printing Print2Flash documents which use ActionScript 3
  • Enhancement of API for printing of ActionScript 3 documents (printTheDocument2 Document API function)

Version 3.2

  • Standard document viewer using ActionScript3
  • Page dimensions fields in metadata file

Version 3.1

  • Hyperlink support for PDF documents
  • Control of hyperlink target window
  • Support of navigation to bookmarks via Document API
  • Control of text highlight color

Version 3.0.1

  • Some enhancements and minor bug fixes

Version 3.0

  • Support of alternative document toolbar skins
  • Ability to design custom skins
  • Support of custom document viewers
  • "Single file per page mode" output mode
  • Extracting of parsable hyperlinks
  • Hyperlink support for MS Word and MS PowerPoint source documents
  • Watermarks
  • Page thumbnail files
  • Document metadata file
  • Restricting access to documents for loading only from certain domains
  • Support of special processing conversion method
  • Additional options for converting Excel and PowerPoint documents
  • Printing jobs
  • Batch Processing Application
  • Support of additional languages in the document interface: Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Serbian and Swedish

Previous versions

Version 2.7.3

  • Optimization for documents with complex structure
  • Ability to print a page range from the converted documents
  • Document API event fired when user prints a document
  • Support for proper unloading of documents if they are loaded into other Flash movies

Version 2.7.2

  • Some enhancements and minor bug fixes

Version 2.7.1

  • Different options for disabling text copying by users or with Document API
  • Czech language support in document interface
  • SDK class for using Print2Flash documents from Flash with ActionScript3 (from Adobe CS3)
  • Ability to access individual document pages as movies via Document API
  • Document API capability to show only certain document pages in the scroll area
  • Document API event fired upon each page loading
  • Increased printing quality when sending Flash documents to a printer

Version 2.7

  • Release of Print2Flash 64 bit edition supporting x64 editions of Windows
  • Adjustment of document toolbar colors
  • Portuguese language support in document interface
  • Ability to choose a specific document interface language
  • Support for vertical and arbitrarily oriented text
  • Ability to search and copy text from documents created from PDF files
  • Ability to prevent user from scrolling the document

Version 2.6.1

  • Further big optimization of storage of images
  • Danish language support in document interface

Version 2.6

  • Asynchronous document loading
  • Adobe Flex support
  • Ability to print only specified document pages when using Automation API or Enhanced Batch processing

Version 2.5.2

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.5.1

  • Optimization of storage of grayscale images
  • Ability to track automated conversion progress through log file
  • Programmatic access to document scroll position through Document API

Version 2.5

  • Enhancement of Print2Flash Document API
  • Support of additional languages in document interface: French, German, Russian and Spanish
  • Printing of rotated pages
  • Retaining the current page part in view while resizing the document
  • Dynamic resizing of document while dragging zoom slider

Version 2.4

  • Server multi-user license
  • Free edition of Print2Flash
  • Ability to trial Pro mode
  • OLE Automation API
  • Enhanced batch processing
  • Access to Document API from Flash
  • Windows Vista support

Version 2.3

  • Image storage optimization (JPEG images support)
  • Flash Player version optimization
  • Great size reduction of the produced Flash files

Version 2.2

  • Converted document interface customization
  • Option to remove any buttons from converted document interface
  • Options to protect from copying text from or from printing converted documents
  • Programmatic access to Print2Flash documents
  • Accessibility for users with disabilities
  • Batch processing

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