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Designing your Own Document Viewer for Single File Format

This approach provides for storing of the entire document and its viewer in a single file. This approach is used by the standard Print2Flash viewer but you may develop your own viewers of this kind. The whole procedure looks like this:

  • You develop a document viewer using Flash Professional which represents a specially designed SWF file;
  • You supply this SWF file to Print2Flash so that it uses your viewer instead of the standard one. The file can be specified in the Use Custom Template field of the Flash Output tab of Document Options window when converting documents manually or with DocTemplate property of Profile object if using Print2Flash OLE Automation API or with DocTemplate option if using Enhanced Batch Processing when converting documents programmatically. At programmatic conversion you also need to set TemplateType property of Profile object or TemplateType parameter of Enhanced Batch Processing to TEMPLATE_CUSTOM value;
  • When Print2Flash generates a document, it appends document pages to your viewer and writes the result as the output document Flash file. It is the responsibility of the viewer movie to attach appended pages and use them for displaying of document interface.

The details on designing your own single file viewer depend on the ActionScript version you intend to use. Please refer to this help topics for information on developing viewers for ActionScript 2 and 3:

In this case it is also a good idea not to store skin data (toolbar images) in output Flash documents to reduce their size a little. It can be achieved if you choose <No Skin> in the Skin field of the Interface tab of Document Options window or, if you convert documents programmatically:

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