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Flash Output Tab of Document Options Window

Flash Output tab of Document Options window lets you configure Flash document specific options.

  • Create Flash Document - this option specifies if a Flash document should be created at conversion. If this option is not set, no Flash output is produced.

Flash Document Format group

This group of options controls the format of the output Flash document:

  • Single file - this format produces a single Flash file for the document. Print2Flash stores entire document content and its viewer movie in a single file. This results in an autonomous document file that can be viewed in the Flash Player without an additional document viewer. This approach is used by the standard Print2Flash viewer but you may develop your own viewer of this kind. When this option is active, you may choose the document viewer template to use for Flash document generation. You have three options:
    • Use standard template (ActionScript 2) - this option selects the standard built-in Flash document template using ActionScript 2. This template displays a document in a scroll area and has a toolbar at the top of the document viewer. This toolbar can be customized using skins;
    • Use standard template (ActionScript 3) - this option selects the standard built-in Flash document template using ActionScript 3. This template is similar to ActionScript 2 standard template in functionality. It is a newer document template and it is preferable to use it instead of ActionScript 2 template. The only case you may want to use ActionScript 2 template is if you intend to embed documents into another Flash movies which use ActionScript 2. See Flash or HTML5: Choosing the Right Type of Document help topic for more information;
    • Use custom template (ActionScript 2 or 3) - this option allows you to use your own or a third-party document template. This template can employ either ActionScript 2 or 3. When choosing this option you need to select a document template from disk. Print2Flash automatically detects the ActionScript and Flash Player version used in your template. If you want to select another template, click Change button and choose another template file. See Designing your Own Document Viewer for Single File Format for more information on custom document templates.
  • External viewer - this format assumes storing a document in a single file (or in rare cases in several files). The viewer for the document resides in a separate Flash file. This format is the most flexible and overcomes several problems inherent to other formats. See Output Formats help topic for more information.
  • Single file per page - this format produces not a single SWF file but a set of SWF files, each document page being stored in a separate SWF file. The number of files constituting a document corresponds to the number of pages in the document. Page SWF files have no viewer embedded in them so to view a document in this format you need to develop an external document viewer application in Flash, JavaScript (HTML) or other language. This application should load these page files and display them in some manner to present the document to the user. Print2Flash Application provides a preview of documents in this format using its built-in JavaScript (HTML) viewer. You may obtain this viewer if you save the document to disk using Save HTML button. See Designing your Own Document Viewer for Single File per Page Format for more information. When this option is active, you may setup additional parameters:

Frame Size group

These controls specify the size of the frame for Flash documents generated in Single File or External Viewer format. Frame size determines initial dimensions of the document in the Flash Player unless another size is specified in embedding HTML code or using Print2Flash Document API. You need to enter Frame Width and Frame Height in pixels.

Optimization group

  • Compatibility - here you can specify which minimum Flash Player version your converted documents need to support. The smaller version options provide better compatibility in case a lower version player is installed on viewing user's system. The higher version options, on the other hand, tend to provide a better document size and performance optimization because newer Flash Player version features may be used.
    If ActionScript 3 documents are generated, the minimum version of the output Flash documents will be 9 regardless of this option setting. If a custom document viewer for single file format is used, the resulting Flash document file version will be the maximum between the value of Compatibility field and the Flash template file version.
  • Use LZMA compression - specifies if Flash documents should be compressed using a newer LZMA compression method. This method is available since Flash Player 11. If this option is not set, Flash documents are compressed using an older ZLIB compression method.


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