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Optimization Tab of Document Options Window

Optimization tab of Document Options window lets you configure converted document optimization options:

  • Use JPEG compression - by enabling this option some of the images in your document are compressed using JPEG compression algorithm. Using JPEG significantly reduces the size required for image storage and hence - the overall document size. Not all images are reasonable to compress to JPEG and Print2Flash decides on whether to compress images using JPEG automatically depending on image characteristics. When this option is off, no images are compressed with JPEG algorithm. The Quality option detailed below further controls the parameters of JPEG compression.
  • JPEG Quality - controls the quality of the resulting JPEG images if JPEG compression is turned on. The quality can be expressed as a number between 1 and 100, the higher numbers meaning better quality and bigger storage size and vice versa. You can enter this numeric value directly in the right-hand edit field or you can a select a predefined quality level from the left-hand drop down list.

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