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 Help Contents

Initial Document Settings

You can specify a few initial settings for Print2Flash documents without using Print2Flash Document API. Supported initial settings are listed in the following table:

Name Description
INITIAL_VIEW Initial zoom level. Can be any value accepted by setCurrentZoom Document API function. The default value is "width". 
INITIAL_PAGE Initial page to display (numeric value). This setting is ignored if a valid bookmark is specified in the INITIAL_BOOKMARK setting as well. The default value is 1.
INITIAL_ROTATE Initial page rotation. It can be either 0, 90, 180 or 270. The default value is 0.
INITIAL_BOOKMARK Initial bookmark to scroll the document to. You may pass any valid bookmark name. This setting, if specified, supersedes INITIAL_PAGE setting. See Hyperlinks for more information.

Using initial settings for Flash documents

You may pass initial settings to Flash documents in two ways:

  1. As parameters in the URL of the document SWF file like this:

  2. As FlashVars parameters passed from the embedding HTML page like this:

    <object ...>
    <param name="FlashVars" value="INITIAL_VIEW=100&INITIAL_BOOKMARK=_Toc243503526" />
    <embed ... FlashVars="INITIAL_VIEW=100&INITIAL_BOOKMARK=_Toc243503526">

    To obtain full HTML code for embedding of Print2Flash documents you may convert any document to Flash and then use Save Flash button in Print2Flash Application to create an HTML page with Flash document embedding code. Then you may modify FlashVars parameter in that code as you need it. Refer to Adobe Flash documentation for more information on FlashVars parameter.

Using initial settings for HTML5 documents

You may pass initial settings to HTML5 documents in the document viewer URL. The URL syntax is:


The meanings of various URL parts are as follows:

Examples of document viewer URLs:

URL without initial parameters: http://mysite.com/docviewer.html#doc.xml

URL with a bookmark parameter: http://mysite.com/docviewer.html#doc.xml@Chapter1

URL with initial parameters: http://mysite.com/docviewer.html#doc.xml?INITIAL_VIEW=page&INITIAL_PAGE=3

URL with initial parameters and a bookmark parameter: http://mysite.com/docviewer.html#doc.xml?INITIAL_VIEW=page&INITIAL_ROTATE=180@Chapter1