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HTML5 Output Tab of Document Options Window

HTML5 Output tab of Document Options window lets you configure HTML5 document specific options.

  • Create HTML5 Document - this option specifies if an HTML5 document should be created at conversion. If this option is not set, no HTML5 output is produced.
  • Compatibility - these options specify the types and versions of browsers with which your HTML5 documents should be compatible. If you target your HTML5 documents not for all browsers, you may uncheck unnecessary browser options. It may help Print2Flash to produce more optimized documents. Also you may specify minimum versions for each type of browser you want to support. These versions cannot be lower than the minimum versions required by Print2Flash HTML5 documents.
  • Compression - check this option if you want to compress SVG files that represent pages in HTML5 documents.
  • View Mode - this option specifies the display mode of HTML5 documents:
    • Single Page - only a single document page is available for viewing and scrolling at a time. This mode consumes the least browser resources as only a single page and not the whole document has to be loaded in order to display the document;
    • Multiple Page - all document pages are available simultaneously in a scrollable area. This mode consumes more browser resources as all pages have to be loaded before displaying the document;
    • Switch to Single Page mode if the number of pages exceeds... - this is a compromise between Single Page and Multiple Page modes. If the document is small enough and has no more than the specified number of pages, the document is shown in Multiple Page mode. If the document is large and has more pages, it is shown in Single Page mode. You may adjust this threshold number of pages in the number entry field here.   

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