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Thumbnails Tab of Document Options Window

Thumbnails tab of Document Options window lets you create thumbnail images for document pages. You may use these images on your web site or in your application for displaying of document page previews. Thumbnails images are created and stored in separate graphic files of either JPEG or PNG format. After you convert a document, thumbnails are displayed in the Thumbnails tab of the Print2Flash Application window.

You may control thumbnail creation using these options:

  • Do not create thumbnails option turns off thumbnail creation;
  • Create page thumbnails option specifies that thumbnails should be created for all document pages;
  • Create thumbnails for these pages option allows you to create thumbnails only for some pages. You should enter the string describing the pages for which thumbnails should be created. The string should be in the following format:

    [Range1Start[-][Range1End]] [,Range2Start[-][Range2End]] [, ... ]

    This string is composed of a sequence of page ranges separated by commas. Each page range can be either a plain page number such as "3", a page range such as "2-7" or an open page range such as "20-".
    For example, string "2-7, 11, 20-" instructs to create thumbnails for pages from 2 to 7, page 11 and pages from page 20 to the end of the document. Thumbnails for page 1, pages from 8 to 10 and from 12 to 19 are not created.

Page thumbnail size options lets you determine the size of thumbnail images:

  • Actual page size - thumbnails are created at full page size;
  • Fixed width - thumbnail images are scaled so that they are always of the specified width. You need to type this width expressed in pixels in the edit box;
  • Fixed height - thumbnail images are scaled so that they are always of the specified height. You need to type this height expressed in pixels in the edit box;
  • Fit to rectangle - thumbnail images are scaled so that they fit a specified rectangle. The image retains original page proportions but is scaled so as to fit this rectangle to maximum extent. You need to type this rectangle dimensions (width and height) expressed in pixels in the edit boxes.

See Thumbnails for more information.

Page thumbnail format field specifies the image format in which thumbnail files are created: JPEG or PNG. For JPEG format you may also specify JPEG quality similar to JPEG Quality field in the Optimization tab.

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