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Basic Mode Version 5.x
Pro Mode Version 5.x
Server Mode Version 5.x

What are the differences?

Print2Flash has three modes: Basic, Pro and Server.

Before registration you should decide which mode suits your needs better and register Print2Flash in the respective mode. The following table will help you to make your choice:


Commercial Edition

Basic mode

Pro mode

Server mode

Single license cost $60 $100 $599
Conversion documents to Flash and HTML via printing
Drag and drop document conversion
Right-click document creation
Manipulations with converted documents (resizing, search, etc.)
x64 bit Windows editions support
No free edition notice in document output
Hyperlink support  
Option to remove any buttons from converted document interface  
Converted document interface customization with skins  
Custom document viewers support  
Option to remove Print2Flash logo from converted documents  
Option to protect from copying text from converted documents  
Option to disable printing of converted documents  
Programmatic access to Print2Flash documents  
Accessibility for users with disabilities  
Image storage optimization control  
Flash Player version and browser optimization  
Page thumbnail images  
Document metafile  
Retrieving document text  
Restricting access to documents  
Batch processing application  
Enhanced batch processing    
Automation API    
Printing jobs    
Multiple user license    
Single license cost $60 $100 $599
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See Print2Flash Editions and Modes to learn more about Print2Flash modes.